News: End of Year Highlights 2016!

As we near the end of 2016, the time comes to reflect on the year's wonderful events and achievements and begin looking to the future new year... 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team here at Sound and Music! Feeling festive, we'd love to spread the end-of-year spirit and cheer by sharing with you our favourite moments from 2016 and our #newmusic highlights...

Susanna Eastburn

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive

Highlight of 2016: Gurvinder's arrival. Cannot describe how much of a difference this has made to my state of mind.

Stand-out moment: Seeing diversity finally being talked about seriously as a core issue rather than something on the fringes.

Sum-up: Wow, loads happened!

Favourite piece of music: Thomas Ades - The Exterminating Angel

2017: Minute of Listening going online really excites me.


Harry Cooper

Harry Cooper, Creative Project Leader

Highlight of 2016: My highlight of 2016 has been selecting two Polish composers for Embedded Apartment House in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. It was so exciting to hear more about their diverse interests and starting point. I feel really excited about what they will go on to produce with Apartment House.

Stand-out moment: New Voices Networking Days in Birmingham in early December. 

Image of Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall, Communications and Development Coordinator

Highlight of 2016: Work has been a welcome respite from the traumatic political events of 2016. My personal highlight has been watching the New Music Biennial Minute of Listening come together with PRS for Music Foundation. That and noticing that Tom Watson now follows Sound and Music on Twitter!

Sum-up: "Challenging"

Favourite piece of music: Fall in Time by Teleman

2017: Discounted Christmas chocolate.


Hannah Bujic

Hannah Bujic, Creative Project Leader

Highlight of 2016: Heart n Soul's Beautiful Octopus Club Festival wins my vote for being the most joyous and uplifting experience of the year. Taking over the whole of the public spaces at Royal Festival Hall is no mean feat and they did it with style (plus noise, party spirit and general craziness). It was my first experience of the long-running multimedia club night and definitely won't be my last.

Heart n Soul's Beautiful Octopus Club Festival

Stand-out moment: We are nowhere near having the answers yet, but this year the big questions around diversity in the arts are being discussed in a broader way than ever before. It feels like the issue is on its way from being simply a fashionable topic, to something where people genuinely recognise the need for change and are passionate about making this happen.

Sum-up: Without getting too morose, this year's been pretty depressing in terms of world events. What makes it bearable? Music, art, the power of these things to bring people together.

Favourite piece of music: Daniel Wilson's Radionics Radio album, created as part of his Embedded residency with ResonanceFM, has barely left my stereo.

2017: Too many to choose from! From a Sound and Music point of view, Cut & Splice Festival (10 & 11 March). 


Richard Whitelaw

Richard Whitelaw, Director of Programmes

Highlight of 2016: I have enjoyed meeting new people this year, both through my work here and in the various other things I do. Working on the shortlisting and selection process for the Pathways programme resulted in many new meetings and working with current colleagues in new ways. Being a student again is wonderful and has opened up a really rich new network of people who have all found unique and inspiring ways to be effective helpers in their various professions and communities. Most memorable event was running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October and loving it. Looking forward to my next run.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Stand-out moment: Finally getting Daphne Oram's An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics back in print with The Daphne Oram Trust.

Daphne Oram's An Individual Note of Music

Sum-up: Knowing what you can change, knowing what you can't change, knowing the difference.

Favourite piece of music: CD: Funhausen, Live: Veryan Weston, Hannah Marshall and Jon Rose in Walthamstow 8 April

2017: Returning to Australia to see family in April. 


Gurvinder Bans, Head of Development

Highlight of 2016: I enjoyed visiting the Summer School and meeting the students and teachers. I was in complete awe of the wonderful talent around me but also slightly ashamed at my own musical failings. It's inspired me to take up piano lessons again which can't be a bad thing! I sometimes forget there is a world outside of the M25 so going to Huddersfield to see the British Music Collection archives was a definite highlight for me. Meeting the team there has helped me shape ideas for the 50th anniversary individual giving campaign.

Stand-out moment: The BBC Radio 3 conference on diversity was a real stand out moment for me. It put our work into context and hearing other delegates talking so positively about the work Sound and Music was doing filled me with a great sense of pride. It was here I realised that what we are doing is brave, radical (for the sector), and highly respected.

Favourite piece of music: It's not new but I have only just discovered the soundtrack/film score to the film 'The Assassination of Jesse James' by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

2017: Submitting the NPO application in February and then going for a long holiday or lie down!


Amanda Carrick

Amanda Carrick, Executive Assistant

Highlight of 2016: Running a wonderfully diverse Composer-Curator programme that felt truly representative of the sector and reached some of the most rural, as well as urban areas of the UK. Curating the latest Creative Data Club series in partnership with exciting organisations - trialing a real-time audience data visualisation, connecting with interesting speakers from different sectors and exploring new venues and formats.

Favourite piece of music: Echoes and Traces tour: Ailie Robertson's Sancto Magno Martyre. Drivetime Underground: Mike Vernusky's Episode 22: Stars


Judith Robinson

Judith Robinson, Creative Project Leader

Highlight of 2016: Minute of Listening - making the PRS for Music Foundation bespoke Minute of Listening sound collection for Hull primary schools. It was a really fun experience to get in touch with all the New Music Biennial and Hull-based composers to source minutes for the first of 2 special collections, and then to have such great sign up from the local primary schools.

Minute of Listening

Stand-out moment: I love the video we made of the Hull "early adopter" schools

2017: Making the new Hull soundpack, drawing on all the City of Culture projects going on, especially the PRS for Music Foundation New Music Biennial and also hunting down contributions created by children in Hull primary schools!


Nicole Rochman

Nicole Rochman, Creative Project Leader

Highlight of 2016: It was great to see the final development stage of Composers' Kitchen up in Scotland. Sound Scotland was a wonderfully supportive partner and were really enthused by the project. The quartet, 4 composers and 2 mentors spent several days refining the pieces they had begun to work on during the first phase in Montreal, with one composer still throwing out, rewriting ideas right up to the 11th hour - with incredible results. 4 very different works were premiered in the wonderful environment of the Sound Curious series, with an attentive audience. The concert format was intimate and warm, with audience members joining the quartet, composers, mentors and Sound team for a delicious sit-down meal, and the meet the composers event following the performance yielded intelligent and thoughtful questions. Nice to sample the Royal Lochnagar whisky on their tour in such good company too...

Composer's Kitchen

Stand-out moment: That's a hard one... I always find something to enjoy in the pieces composers on our project write as I've watched as they grow and develop. I couldn't pick just one. I would just thank the composers for allowing us to share those journeys. Sorry if this sounds a bit corny.

2017: As I'm in the midst of a coaching course, this is uppermost in my mind and I'm looking forward to working with composers in this way in 2017. 

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson, Head of Digital, Marketing and Communications

Highlight of 2016: Releasing our diversity data and announcing the creation of our new Pathways programme - the positive response it had from composers and artists, online audiences and partner organisations. Also the way it has started to impact the artists who are applying to us and the way we are working internally. PLUS LOOP conference in Berlin. Brilliant, diverse, inspiring an example of how music conferences can be done and how music can bring people together for powerful, provocative and passionate discussions.

LOOP Conference, in Berlin

Stand-out moment: Bascule Chambers Concert as part of Totally Thames by Ian Chambers & New Voices inaugural networking weekender.

Bascule Chambers Concert

Sum-up: Post-brexit. Post-digital.

Favourite piece of music: David Bowie – Lazarus

2017: Our new digital developments becoming 'real' / British Music Collection 50th anniversary and the selection of our Pathways composers.


Emma Sugarman

Emma Sugarman, Communications and Social Media Intern

Highlight of 2016: I've loved working on our New Voices project this year. The interviews have been absolutely fantastic with thanks to the brilliant composers involved - and were also fun to write in addition to reading them! It's been wonderful to discover the diversity of creativity from 2016's New Voices, and to be a part of bringing such great talent to the forefront of the new music world.

Stand-out moment: Working towards accessibility in marketing has been something I've taken a big interest in. The 'stand-out' moment was really just learning about accessibility guidelines and being able follow them in our marketing activities.

Sum-up: For me, it's been all about the big transition from student life to working life: a new chapter. Sound and Music has been the perfect place for me to begin my career, and I've enjoyed it very much indeed! That's because I've felt that I've helped new music to make an impact - to make a difference. I'm excited about Sound and Music's new partnerships, which will mean big steps towards bigger goals. As a whole, it's been deeply interesting, and an adventure, but most of all: illuminating.

Favourite piece of music: How could I possibly choose!?

2017: I'm looking forward to seeing the results of Sound and Music's ROLI partnership, on Embedded. As a new kind of partnership, I think it could mean very exciting things for new music in the future!


Sarah Moir

Sarah Moir, Administator

Highlight of 2016: I've really enjoyed starting at Sound and Music and getting to know everyone. I've been particularly impressed with, and invested in, our work on diversity and I really enjoyed visiting the Summer School - so much talent!

Stand-out moment: Launching the Pathways programme.  

Sum-up: Productive!

Favourite piece of music: Too many to choose from! I discovered Tom Misch this year, and he was a great discovery!

2017: Releasing my own music!

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