Current SaM projects

Blasio Kavuma
Sound and Music is excited to announce that Blasio Kavuma is this year’s winner of the annual George Butterworth Award.
Sound and Music is seeking a new developer to help us to redesign, refresh and reimagine our Primary Platform: - as part of an exciting rebrand project due for completion in 2020.
30 August 2019 - 1st September 2019
We're delighted to announce our first Composer-Curator event of the year; TOR Festival, programmed by Sophie Cooper and Jake Blanchard. Find out more about this three day underground music extravaganza...
Black History Month: Reviewing the Data image with a semi-opaque graph
It has been one year since Sound and Music first published data around the ethnicity of those applying to our programmes. Today we assess our progress and look at the way forward.
We are recruiting! image
Deadline: Noon, Friday 6th December 2019
We are recruiting for a Creative Project Leader an essential part of Sound and Music’s project delivery team
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